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Meet the team: Interview with Volker Henschel, expert in beer packaging

In this interview, we share insights into the dynamic world of beer packaging from the perspective of Volker Henschel, Sales Manager at Covera Packaging. We asked him about his experiences and vision around beer bottles, as well as his preferred beer.

20 February 2024

Dive into the future of sustainable packaging with Prevented Ocean Plastic

Discover Prevented Ocean Plastic: The innovation in sustainable packaging for eco-conscious companies

31 October 2023

Covera Presents at Empack 2023: Prevented Ocean Plastic Packaging Material

26 September 2023

Our new website is available from today in 4 different languages!

Because we want to assist our nationally and internationally customers in their projects, our website is available from today in 4 different languages. (Dutch, French, English and German)

24 June 2022


Do you want to personalise your glass packaging simply and quickly to make it look good?

10 July 2018

SPECTRA PACKAGING is proud to announce the launch of PCR 10

By the end of this year, Spectra Packaging will be implementing this environmental initiative in full. It involves adding a minimum of 10% PCR (post-consumer recycled) material to all future HDPE and PET products made in the purpose-built production facility, which will be delivered to new or existing customers at no extra cost.

22 June 2018

Spectra supports Covera Packaging in Utrecht

Spectra recently attended Empack 2018 to support Covera Packaging, its Benelux agent.

27 April 2018

When will the deposit for plastic bottles be introduced?

The Dutch government recently decided that a deposit on small plastic bottles would be introduced in 2021.

30 March 2018

Will PET bottles be made from bioplastic in the near future?

Dutch company Avantium is going to build a new bioplastic factory in Antwerp to manufacture what it calls ‘the PET bottle of the future’

30 March 2018


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